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About Jon Stein Piano Services

I have been tuning and repairing pianos for over 20 years. I take pride in the work I do and treat each piano with the utmost care and respect. Each piano is different and each has different needs. It is, therefore, imperative to pay close attention to the individual needs of each piano that I work on.

Although tuning and repairing techniques are basically universal, it is how they are applied to each piano that makes the difference. For example, some pianos might require an hour of tuning, others may require more time.

Just as pianos differ so do piano tuners and the techniques they apply. I tune strictly by ear, aided only by the use of the traditional tuning fork to set the first note (A 440 ). I do not use an electronic tuner or tuning machine and will, hopefully, never have to depend on one. Though machines and electronic devices can help in expediting the job, it is my professional opinion that speeding up the job just for the sake of getting it done more quickly is not good practice, nor is it professional. During the course of my tenure as a piano technician, I have found that most pianos tuned with the aid of an electronic tuner generally tend to go out of tune sooner than pianos tuned carefully by ear. It is not my practice to rush through a tuning or repair. I take pride in what I do and how I do it. Furthermore, I never leave a job until I, and the client, are completely satisfied with the results.

My experience includes tuning, repairing and regulating pianos in private homes, concert halls, schools, recording studios, restaurants, piano bars, etc.. Clients include piano teachers, students and concert pianists. I believe that integrity, honesty, reliability, confidence and friendliness are essential ingredients for a successful business. I am very conscientious about the work I do. One of the great pleasures I get from piano tuning comes upon completion of the job - listening to my clients play the piano and then exclaiming “The piano sounds great! I love it!”

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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